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Jimi Biotech

Jimi Biotech was founded in 2021, when it debuted the first cultivated beef in China. Jimi is a cultivated meat company, that produces delicious meat directly from animals cells, without slaughtering. The company has made significant scientific breakthroughs to bring costs down, and are dedicated to continue this trend.

Investor Base

Mogu (NASDAQ: MOGU), Plum Ventures, Fanqie Capital, Green Leaf Ventures, Joyvio Capital, Shiwei Capital

Impact Summary

Impact Governance

[N/A] Responsible business practices benefiting stakeholders

🗹 Mission aligned Shareholders

Impact Strategy

🗹 Impact is integral to business

🗹 Scalable solution with quantitative impact

🗹 Evidence of, or opportunity to, mission lock

Impact Track Record

🗹 Demonstrable impact commitment from founder


🗹 Tracking impact KPIs/impact report available

Fundraising Details

Asset Class


Targeted Amount

RMB 30 million (pre-A)

Close Date

Q2/Q3 2023

Impact theme

Food & Ag



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