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Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFi) was launched under the mission to “Mobilize private capital for positive impact” in 2019. Today, we have built a community of family offices and investors in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, acting as a trusted partner along their impact journeys. Our network and friendships with asset managers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and sustainability practitioners also grew along the way. 

To grow an ecosystem is very much like growing a forest. We have the privilege of planting the seeds and seeing green shoots germinate into trees. Today, we are witnessing first-hand shifts in capital allocation towards impact, alignment with values and conviction towards solving sustainability challenges. These are big words and only bear meaning when they are backed up by action and experience on the ground. Every single step counts. 

We have a lot more work to do. The world looks very different than when we first started. Little did we realise that patience, trust and a mission driven culture forms the bedrock for communities and organisations to build resilience and thrive. We are committed to the cause and invite all of you to join us on this journey.

Yours in impact,


Managing Partner, SFi

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