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Neurum Health

Neurum Health personalizes behavioral healthcare at-scale for people-first businesses. Neurum’s precision technology understands and delivers what people need in every moment, ensuring people get the right personalized support anywhere, anytime. Neurum's vision is to bring mind and lifestyle care to life — top-quality, truly accessible, and sustainable care for everyone directly where they live, work, play, and learn.

Investor Base

Anchor Investor, Notable Investors

Impact Summary

Impact Governance

🗹 Responsible business practices benefiting stakeholders

🗹 Mission aligned Shareholders

Impact Strategy

🗹 Impact is integral to business

🗹 Scalable solution with quantitative impact

🗹 Evidence of, or opportunity to, mission lock

Impact Track Record

🗹 Demonstrable impact commitment from founder

Fundraising Details

Asset Class


Targeted Amount

USD 2.5 million (Seed/Series A)

Close Date

Currently raising

Impact theme




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