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Intensel is the leading climate data analysis platform in Asia helping banks, real estate owners, insurance companies, and asset managers assess and mitigate portfolio and asset level risks related to climate change. Using AI, big data, and in-house PhD climate scientists and financial experts, Intensel has developed a climate analytics fintech solution to help clients identify the financial impacts of climate change now and under future climate scenarios, so that they may build more climate-resilient portfolios and stay ahead of climate regulations.

Investor Base

Asian Development Bank, Dragon Capital, HKUST, Planet Rise, AEC, AlphaTrio, Entrepreneur First

Impact Summary

Impact Governance

🗹 Responsible business practices benefiting stakeholders

🗹 Mission aligned Shareholders

Impact Strategy

🗹 Impact is integral to business

🗹 Scalable solution with quantitative impact

🗹 Evidence of, or opportunity to, mission lock

Impact Track Record

🗹 Demonstrable impact commitment from founder

Fundraising Details

Asset Class


Targeted Amount

Undisclosed (pre-A)

Close Date

Currently raising

Impact theme




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