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Formwork IO aims to be the carbon removal solution for the real estate sector. Formwork IO helps asset owners, real estate developers and government redevelopment agencies to reduce Scope 3 emissions through carbon neutral building products with carbon removal capability. These products are developed through a new set of carbon removal technology while upcycling CO2 during the production process. This will allow its customers to future proof their projects when it comes to climate change, reduce their scope 3 emissions under ESG, and procure cutting edge green building products within Asia Pacific. Formwork IO is driven to help customers to lessen the impact and save carbon as they build.

Investor Base


Impact Summary

Impact Governance

[N/A] Responsible business practices benefiting stakeholders

[N/A] Mission aligned Shareholders

Impact Strategy

🗹 Impact is integral to business

🗹 Scalable solution with quantitative impact

🗹 Evidence of, or opportunity to, mission lock

Impact Track Record

🗹 Demonstrable impact commitment from founder

Fundraising Details

Asset Class


Targeted Amount

USD 1 million (SAFE note)

Close Date

Currently raising

Impact theme



Asia Pacific

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