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SFi and Leading Experts to Discuss Innovative Solutions for Impact Investing at Asian Family Impact

Hong Kong Wealth for Good Summit sets Momentum for Family Offices in pursuit of Impact

The Hong Kong Wealth for Good Summit hosted by the HKSAR Government on Friday 24 March was a resounding success, attracting over 100 prominent family offices and business figures from around the world. The event also provided a platform for the Hong Kong government to announce a Policy Statement on Developing Family Office Businesses in Hong Kong, setting the stage for Asia's impact investing ecosystem.

Mr. Ronald Chan, Chief Investment Officer of Chartwell Capital Limited, was also impressed by the summit, “I was most inspired by the Wealth for Philanthropy Panel moderated by Mr. Ronnie Chan, Chair of Hang Lung Properties Limited and Hong Kong’s unique position to share best practices with the GBA and Asia Pacific region.”

A recap of the Wealth for Good Summit and the Policy Statement can be found here.

SFi’s inaugural Asian Family Impact Summit to be held in Hong Kong

In line with our commitment to advancing the impact investing movement in Asia, SFi is excited to announce the inaugural SFi Asian Family Impact Summit 2023. The summit will take place on 24 and 25 May 2023 in Hong Kong and is targeted towards Family Offices and Modern Wealth Owners in Asia.

The two-day event will be packed with highly interactive sessions, candid pioneer sharing, small group discussions, cross-sector networking and more, gathering impact experts and innovators in Asia. Ms. Poman Lo and Mr. Ronald Chan will be speaking and moderating at the event.

“The most important thing is to unite everyone to come together and start a conversation,” said Mr. Ronald Chan when asked about how impact investors in the region can leverage and take advantage of the HKSAR Government’s incentives.

Rising to a New Chapter of Wealth for Good in Hong Kong and Asia

The new policies announced at the Hong Kong Wealth for Good Summit were met with enthusiasm by family office leaders, who showed their support for the new direction. "Family offices have a key role to play in driving impact investing and social responsibility in the region. We're excited about the new policies that support sustainable finance, such as the Hong Kong Sustainable Finance Alliance and the tax incentives for impact investments and charitable donations," said Ms. Poman Lo, Founding Managing Partner of AlphaTrio Capital and SFi member.

At SFi, we believe that the "Impact" narrative will play a key role for Asian-based family offices. “Asian based family offices and wealth owners are sitting at a unique juncture with access to levers of capital across business, philanthropy and investments, a powerful “tri-factor”. Coupled with succession and transfer of wealth to the next generation, at SFi, we believe in the potential of sea-change when Capital Meets Purpose,” said Katy Yung, Managing Partner of SFi.

We welcome the policy spotlight on family offices and channelling private capital towards impactful investments, as we also see rising curiosity in the business community.

We look forward to more clarity soon on how FamilyOfficeHK, FSDC and FSTB will concretely facilitate setup and development of family offices with impact goals, and to seeing all of you face-to-face at SFi’s Asian Family Impact Summit soon.

For more information about the summit:

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