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A Portfolio Approach Towards Impact Measurement & Management

Updated: Mar 5, 2023


The SFi Practice Spotlight Series is a series dedicated to discussing sustainable investing standards, frameworks and measurement approaches. In this installment we share SFi’s Portfolio Approach Towards Impact Measurement & Management – soon to be published in CSEIF’s (China Social Enterprise and Impact Investment Forum) IMM Series. The sustainable finance universe is vast and a long-standing challenge for wealth owners, particularly on both how to choose the “right” sustainable investment products for their risk, return and impact characteristics, and how to effectively integrate a sustainability lens into their portfolios. Over the years, SFi has developed its own approach towards designing a sustainable portfolio and an impact framework to assess sustainability performance. Read more about our approach towards IMM and how we applied the framework with a Private Equity Funds case study. The full article can be found here. #IMM #ImpactFramework #PE

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