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Next Gen Training

Learn how to be a good steward of your family's wealth. SFi has partnered with University of Zurich's Center of Sustainable Private Wealth to deliver this transformational and essential training for Next Gen asset owners and leaders. Experience an interactive, engaging and hands-on online program to develop the tools to effectively assess sustainable investment offerings.

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Learn the essentials in the sustainable finance toolkit

Understand financial and impact performance and learn about the basics of the sustainable finance toolkit- from exclusion to thematic/impact investing- and put them into action with interactive course elements.

Develop your personal impact engagement strategy

Understand how to make a strong case for impact investing and develop your own communication styles and arguments.

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Join a community

Join two empowered and engaged communities at once- global and regional! CSP's global network of impact investors includes 160+ alumni. SFi's regional impact investing platform includes an engaged network of family offices and asset owners committed to committing capital towards sustainable finance.

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