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3 things in Impact with Pictet

3 Things in Impact with Pictet
In Partnership for the 2024 SFi Asian Family Impact Summit

For the second year running, SFi is proud to name Pictet a Summit Partner. Pictet supports our homegrown Asian community of investors dedicated to mobilizing private capital for positive impact. Today, our summit continues to provide a prime opportunity to push crucial impact conversations and action forward. At the summit and throughout the year, our partnerships reinforce the visibility and credibility of our values-based approach to how capital meets purpose. 

Pictet shares our vision of a future in which private capital can drive positive impact and foster sustainable finance worldwide. Over 20 years ago, Pictet began investing with impact through environmental and social themes. Its conviction that investors can trigger positive change through dialogue with investee companies has also helped shape more sustainable ways of operating and doing business. 

At the core of Pictet’s values is the notion that with wealth comes long-term responsibility. This includes preserving and improving the world that our future generations will inherit. “A rich life is one with not only financial means, but also family, health, security and stability, and we must ensure that future generations can enjoy life’s richness tomorrow as we do today.”

Read on to find out 3 ways Pictet is putting impact into action. 

“To make a long term difference, not just to climate change, but to general human welfare, investors need to look at the wider investment universe.” Investing only in companies with stellar sustainability credentials will not push the rest of the economy to transition. Companies with the potential to transition could not only make a difference in the real economy, but could also enhance their profitability in so doing.

Thematic investing is well-suited to generating investor impact, particularly when managers create differentiated, focused, long-term portfolios. This approach allows for lasting investor-investee relationships that are built on trust, facilitating expertise sharing that is mutually beneficial. Dive deeper on how strategic engagement can support risk mitigation and value creation through leveraging investor influence.

Pictet Wealth Management was among the first wealth managers to actively vote and engage on behalf of its clients. By integrating active ownership into its investment processes, Pictet seeks to foster long-term value creation and sustainable business practices. Being an active owner allows Pictet to both articulate expectations for business performance and catalyze

change when needed. 

At SFi, we take pride in being part of the impact ecosystem, and the partners that we choose to work with reflect our commitment and values.

Follow @PictetWealthManagement for updates on sustainable investing and building solutions based on your needs.

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