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09 Oct 2018: SFi Brown Bag “Investing in Climate Change – The Race of our Lives?”

Updated: Mar 6, 2023


On the heel of IPCC ‘s announcement of a 12-year timeline to avert a climate change catastrophe, we had a very timely discussion with GMO today on one investment strategy that may help address the cause: investing in climate change mitigation and adaption technologies.

“The economics are there now for return-seeking investors”, said Kimball Mayer, a member of GMO’s Focused Equity team. “We believe there will be significant secular growth in the climate change sector in the coming decades, providing investors with many exciting opportunities,” but he also cautioned the need for a “value-oriented approach” and be disciplined amidst all the hype.

Find out more about GMO’s philosophy in founder Jeremy Grantham’s important paper on climate change and food security: “The Race of Our Lives Revisited”.

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