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07 Nov 2018: Smart Conversation with GIIN “Impact Investing: is there a Trade-off?”

Updated: Mar 6, 2023


At our first SFi Smart Conversation “Impact investing: is there a trade-off?”, our guest speakers Katrina Ngo and Rachel Bass from Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) took us through this debate, and shared findings from 2018 Annual Impact Investor Survey, The Landscape for Impact Investing in SE Asia and GIIN Perspectives: Evidence on the Financial Performance of Impact Investments.

The event highlighted key decision points for impact investors in constructing a sustainable portfolio: 1)What type of impact do I seek? 2)What are my financial return expectations? 3)How do I allocate my assets?

We only touched the surface of a big topic: the risk, return and impact spectrum, and how impact-minded investors can play key roles along the spectrum. For whether it’s about piloting business models that emphasise social capital, or providing market-rate return capital to scale more mature impact ventures, we hope to continue to explore and deepen these discussions in our future event. #MarketLandscape #ImpactPerformance #InvestorSurvey

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