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Verge HealthTech Fund II

An early-stage healthtech Venture Fund composed of experienced investors and former entrepreneurs in the industry. The Team leverages a multidisciplinary, specialist and operator mindset to invest in and build best-in-class healthtech businesses that have already impacted over 53 million lives through 49 portfolio companies. Investing in Seed and Series A healthtech startups. Geo-agnostic, but indicative focus on companies founded in Asia and Europe with potential regional or global solutions to healthcare challenges, particularly in the developing world.

LP Base

Impact investors, family offices, strategic corporates, HNW individuals

Impact Summary

Impact Governance

🗹 Vision/mission statement with impact elements

🗹 ESG/Impact policies in place

Impact Strategy

🗹 Impact/ESG strategy integrated with investment strategy

🗹 Portfolio companies tackle affordability/accessibility issues

Impact Track Record

🗹 Team with Impact Experience

[N/A] Existing impact LPs


🗹 Tracking impact KPIs/impact report available

Fundraising Details

Asset Class

VC Fund

Targeted Fund Size

USD 50 million

Close Date

Q4 2023

Impact theme




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