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Based in the UK, Oceanium Ltd, is a blue-economy, impact company using innovative bio-refinery methods to turn sustainably-farmed seaweed to develop and make products Food & Nutrition, Cosmetics, and Innovative Material products. Oceanium uses green chemistry to develop a sustainable and scalable bio-refinery manufacturing process working towards extracting maximum value from seaweed whilst producing zero waste. Seaweed is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, is low/no input and has potential as a nature-based solution for ecosystem health. By sourcing only sustainably farmed seaweed, Oceanium enables the seaweed farming ecosystem thus improving local livelihoods in coastal areas.

Investor Base

Invetsors: Builders Vision, Katapult Ocean, WWF, Sky Ocean Ventures, Green Angel Ventures, GlassWall Syndicate.
Grant Providers: European Commission and Innovate UK.

Impact Summary

Impact Governance

🗹 Responsible business practices benefiting stakeholders

🗹 Mission aligned Shareholders

Impact Strategy

🗹 Impact is integral to business

🗹 Scalable solution with quantitative impact

🗹 Evidence of, or opportunity to, mission lock

Impact Track Record

🗹 Demonstrable impact commitment from founder

Fundraising Details

Asset Class


Targeted Amount

USD 3 million (Seed)

Close Date

July 2023

Impact theme

People & Planet



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