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Energy Revolution Ventures

Energy Revolution Ventures

ERV Fund I is a 2023 venture capital fund managed by Energy Revolution Ventures. The fund invests globally in Seed and Series A climate tech ventures providing energy storage, carbon capture, hydrogen and advanced materials solutions to accelerate this energy transition.

LP Base

Several family offices

Impact Summary

Impact Governance

🗹 Vision/mission statement with impact elements

☐ ESG/Impact policies in place

Impact Strategy

🗹 Impact/ESG strategy integrated with investment strategy

☐ Portfolio companies tackle affordability/accessibility issues

Impact Track Record

🗹 Team with Impact Experience

🗹 Existing impact LPs


☐ Tracking impact KPIs/impact report available

Fundraising Details

Asset Class

VC Fund

Targeted Fund Size

USD 75 million

Close Date

Q4 2023

Impact theme




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