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16 Jan 2018: Smart Conversation “Active Ownership & Engagement – Why Should You Become an Active Own

Updated: Mar 6, 2023


At our first Smart Conversation for 2019, we discussed the topic “Active Ownership & Engagement – Why Should You Become an Active Owner?”. Our guest speakers Christine Chow from Hermes Investment Management and Ronnie Lim from Robeco shared with us the concept of active ownership, why investors should engage and how to become an active owner within public and private markets.

Further tools and resources as highlighted by Christine can be found here, such as Low Carbon Opportunity and the Risks of Missing Out, Navigating Climate Scenario Analysis and Pricing ESG Risk in Credit Market. Robeco have also released the following resource on Active Ownership – using shareholder rights to maximise shareholder value.

Please stay tuned as SFi is also looking to develop some practical takeaway toolkits from this session for wealth owners.

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